Integrative Acupuncture & Continuing Education

 Committed to integrating the ancient practices and wisdom of traditional medicines in the modern world.   We focus our attention on YOU, as an individual, to achieve health, longevity, resiliency, and to BE PreZENt.  We take a functional and natural approach in our treatments to address the root causes of physical, emotional, and mental, imbalances.  

Treating a full range of patients with acupuncture and integrative medicine, from pediatrics to elderly, those suffering from chronic or debilitating pain, those struggling with psycho-emotional conditions (stress, anxiety, PTSD), addictions, cancer, nutritional deficiencies and gut health,  athletes and weekend warriors rehabilitating from injury or seeking performance improvement.  

Our therapies are designed to restore proper balance and function to your body and mind. While these can be successful in many cases in treating your health problems alone, they may also be integrated with your current conventional care. 

About Us

Integrative Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


 Integrative acupuncture, traditional and complementary medicine with a personalized approach to healthcare that involves the prevention, management and root causes of acute and chronic disease and illnesses.

Specializations: Pain, Ortho/TCM Sports Med, Onocology, Traumatic Stress, PTSD, & Mental Health

Official VA Provider


We are an established VA Healthcare Provider for acupuncture.  

Approved Veterans Choice, VA Direct, PC3, and TriWest.

You can request our services directly through Triwest or your Primary VA consultation.


 We offer acupuncture and integrative medicine educational services to the public and for Licensed Acupuncturists and Healthcare Professionals 

NCCAOM Provider

WMA Instructor

and more

Community and Global Health

Colorado Acupuncture MRC


The nation's first FEMA approved Acupuncture based disaster response medical reserve corps unit.

Providing services to first responders and communities in need.

Unit Coordinator:  Dr. Shomo


First Responder Health


We specialize in acupuncture and integrative medical services for First Responders (EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Dispatch, ER) suffering from injury, pain,  TBI, traumatic stress, PTSD, suicide and more.


Global Health Community Alliance


 One night in Kenya, a group of us realized we all possessed a shared passion of working to reduce health disparities and improve health equity around the world. The global burden of disease disproportionately impacts those countries with less health care resources.  It’s not likely that the dilemma of skilled migration of labor will be solved, but by working with local organizations in those environments, and working to improve care delivery, there can be better outcomes.  



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